Get to know what do your employees or customers think! Collect responses from several contacts at once. You can create surveys for your internal as well as external audiences. You can send to contacts email with link to form or integrate the form into your homepage or intranet page. It is a cheap way how to collect and process responses from geographically remote places. Broad spectrum of fields allow to create even the most complicated surveys.


Replace your paper based forms with web based forms and cut expenses for paper, ink, form processing and storage. Get the needed information without wasting your valuable time. Report tool allows to track in real time as your forms are filled out. Using Drag and Drop interface anyone even without advanced computer skills can create nice looking forms.

Registers and Databases

Create databases or registers that you can access using any computer with Internet connection. Reports can be shared with colleagues or published in web page. Advanced filters ensure that you can get the information you need in couple of seconds. As all data are safely stored in secure data center you don't have to worry about viruses or data duplication. You can create Contact Databases, Issue Trackers, Contract registers as well as many other web based applications.

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