• Saved money
  • Don't need expensive technical equipment (hardware and software)
  • Don't have to hire developers or administrators
  • Don't have to hire research agencies or consultants
  • Don't have to spend money for printing, distributing or storing paper forms
  • Saved time
  • To start using you just have to register
  • Form or survey can be created in minutes
  • Allows to collect data from many contacts simultaneously
  • You get already summarized results
  • User friendly interface
  • Don't need advanced computer skills
  • Don't have to spend hours to understand how to use it
  • You always can visit comprehensive support page
  • Realtime data
  • All entries, results and reports you get in realtime
  • Access the data from everywhere. All you need is computer with Internet connection
  • You can get the latest submissions in your mailbox Survey and HTML Form Builder. Create Online Questionnaires for FREE!