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Solar Water Heater Controller Design

  • micoe918 says:

    The improvement of the strength of the wall must be able to sustain the weight of the solar water heater filled with water after 2 times to install; 2 distribution system power supply capacity is greater than the solar water heater heating tube (2000-2000 watts) power; Power bus 4 square with the line 2.5 square capacity meet the requirements of the water heater;20 meters capacity satisfy family use water heater (air conditioning), a power socket should be 50 cm from right end power supply water heater is easy to install. If no heating bath of toilet, it is recommended that a user equipped with bath bully. Gas water heater is installed in the kitchen, as long as in the design of toilet to do the following:

    (1) location of shower nozzle design, according to user's family height, after communication with the user design position and height;

    (2) communication with the user to determine the hot water valve is installed in the bathroom wall,;

    (3) toilet bath place must have a floor drain, to discharge the water in bath;

    (4) with the user consultation, determine the piping installation. Can choose bright and dark tube installed in two forms, hidden pipe installation, does not occupy a space and beautiful; If need to be embedded, design position and recommend the use of the company appointed PPR pipe line; In domestic adornment, conduit had better go top don't go to, go on the top of the benefits is that maintenance is convenient, if water pipes are installed in the ground, to bear the brunt of the tiles and people in the above, is in danger of crack on the pipe; Hot and cold water pipes with groove slot, slot depth of 40 mm, width of 60 mm, 12 mm distance between cold and hot water pipe;

    All in all, these notices may help you in some degree in the learning of the design of solar energy and solar water heater controller. - See more at and

    Posted 6 years, 1 month ago

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