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Enhanced security with SSL data encryption(1)

Didzis Sprūds | Saturday, March 27, 2010

Many of our users have admitted that security is a very important point why they prefer using Vizzualforms.

Now our site is even more secure – we have introduced SSL (secure socket layer) data encryption. SSL data encryption means that all data that travels between Vizzualforms user computer and our servers is encrypted and it is very difficult or even impossible for hackers to break the key.

Such data encryption technique is used by many of the world most trusted Internet banks and web applications and we are happy that such data security measure is available also for users.

Now it is possible to add Time field and close/re-open your form or survey!(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Thursday, January 14, 2010

From time to time we received questions from our users asking "is it possible to close the form or survey"? As we didn't have this feature we had to advice to use a workaround and set the limit of maximum allowed entries to close the form or survey. Now there is an easy way to do that - you just have to choose Close or Open from drop-down menu by the form.


This feature is useful in several situations: 1) if the needed amount of entries is already received and you want to start to analyze data and be sure that late submissions will not change the data 2) if form or survey responses is planed to receive in a specific time frame only.

If the form has been closed everyone who will open the form or survey link will see a message "This form no longer accepts submissions".

We have also introduced a new field type for capturing time format data or simply - Time field. This field is specially designed for different time formats and allows to input time in several formats - 24 hour or 12 hour format with or without second indicator.


Several new features for even more sophisticated forms and surveys(1)

Didzis Sprūds | Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Captcha or security code is a feature that prevents automated use of web forms that has been published in Internet. As many of Vizzualforms users want to publish the form somewhere one the web, for example, in their home pages or blogs, this was a necessary step to ensure that all data that has been submitted in forms that are available online are valid and submitted by humans.


We decided to use ReCaptcha module as it has been widely used and has several advantages - high security, easy integration and it is useful. Words that appear in ReCaptcha are not an artificial combination of letters without meaning - each of these words comes from old books that has to be digitalised and by reading and typing them into the captcha field each respondent help to do that.

Depending on the way how you choose to distribute your form captcha module can be switched on or off. (we recommend that you switch it on if you publish the web form in Internet page that anyone can access.)

Progress bar and "back" button

If you use the setting that each web form fields has to appear in separate page now below the question appears also progress bar that indicates how much questions you have answered and how much still are left. This appears automatically for each web form if in the settings has been indicated that each field has to appear one by one.


Together with this feature we have implemented also "back" button - possibility to go back to previous questions and, if necessary, change already provided answers.

Review screen

We know that sometimes respondents are in a hurry or they simply do not pay sufficient attention to the questions or answers that the choose.
Now there is a possibility to set that before submitting the form user can see the data that they have provided in a table. If necessary respondents can go back and edit the data.

We strongly hope this feature will help to ensure more precise and reliable data.


Entry quota

Sometimes it is necessary to set the limit how many respondents can submit the particular web form. Now it can be done with the new "Maximum number of entries" option. If enabled the form will stop accepting new entries after the maximum number of entries is reached and respondents will see a message "This form no longer accepts submissions."


Thank you gift to our best translators(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Friday, October 16, 2009

As we highly value the effort of the volunteer translators that help us to translate the service in another languages, we have introduced a new tradition.

Best translators not only receive an unlimited Vizzualforms Business account for one year but also a thank you gift from us.

As Vizzualforms are located in Latvia, Baltic, we wanted to send our translators something original that is available only here, something we would like to receive ourselves.

At the beginning we thought that the best and most original gift would be a natural cloudberry jam from Pure Food or Riga Black Balsam but because of Latvian postal service restrictions delivery of such liquid and bottled goods was not allowed.

Finally the choice fell on sweets from Laima (our traditional chocolate brand). The first candy box you can see below will be sent to Rome, Italy.

If you feel strong in languages and would also like to taste Latvian sweets :P , please feel free to contact us!

Thank You gift

Improved Support for Large-Scale Surveys(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Thursday, April 23, 2009

Couple days ago we have implemented several fixes for large-scale survey support. If you are going to send out survey link to thousands of contacts you can be sure that it will work the same as it works with 10 contacts. For example, using our survey tool Jönköping International Business School students in 3 days has collected more than 1500 survey responses. Can you imagine how much time and resources would be needed if they would use paper-based surveys?

Implemented fixes will also ensure faster service to users who are using Vizzualforms just to collect feedback from their friends.

Results tab redesigned(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Tuesday, April 7, 2009


One of the main thing that interests most of the people that creates forms or surveys is an overview of received data – number of particular answers, answer percentage, all collected free-text answers. This overview now is available in Results tab.

Sometimes it is important not only get to know how many people have answered the question but also how many people has not submitted any answer to that question. Redesigned Results section provides such data.

Proportion of received answers users can see not only in numbers but also in pie charts.

Vizzualforms Has Moved To a New Data Center(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Thursday, February 26, 2009

We are excited to announce that Vizzualforms has moved to a new data center.

Our new data center is located at a former military command point, and it was actually built to withstand a direct nuclear weapon blast! It is the only underground data center in Eastern Europe that is located 12m underground and 9m above sea level and is protected from natural disasters. The data center is provided with a continual supply of power which is guaranteed with the assistance of UPS systems, diesel generators and independent power supply.

Please feel free to visit DEAC to find out more about our new hosting provider.

Don't Miss a Chance To Order Vizzualforms For Current Prices!(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Thursday, February 26, 2009

Only till 21st of March you can order Vizzualforms for previous prices and ordering 1 year subscription get discount up to 30%. Don't miss a chance!

Starting from 21st March our Basic plan will cost 12$ (previous price $8.50)
Small biz plan further will be replaced with Standard plan and it will cost $28 per month.
Enterprise plan will be replaced with Ultimate plan and will cost $53 (includes such additional features as e-mail notifications and password protection)

Of course, Free plan still will be for free.

As it was before if you order the service for 1 year period you get a special price.
For example, Basic plan for one year will cost you only 115$ (20% discount)

Note that the new pricing policy will not apply to our current customers till the end of their payment periods.

In order to get more information about the new pricing policy, please press here.

Save changes using Ctrl-S!(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Sunday, January 11, 2009

Small upgrade but anyway - warm feeling that now users can save form and all changes simply pressing Ctrl-S as in many desktop applications. As Henry Royce had said: "Small things make perfection. But perfection is no small thing."

Please be aware that we have fixed also several bugs: now it is possible to change Likert scale field label parameters in theme designer, fixed problem with results section under Safari, Other Field label problem under IE7.

New feature for developers - HTML and CSS source code export(1)

Didzis Sprūds | Sunday, January 11, 2009


No more boring HTML coding! Additional to form integration with Iframe technology now you can export form HTML and CSS source code and do custom integration with your or your client web page.

In order to download *.*zip file with HTML and CSS source code go to section "Publish" and press "Download CSS and HTML source code"

Please feel free to redistribute and modify these CSS and HTML files!

Now you can use 'Other' option to collect free-text answers(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Thursday, January 8, 2009


Using fields containing several predefined answers it is not always possible to specify all answers. In such cases Other field is frequently used. Such option now is available also in

To use this feature, create new "Multiple choice" or "Checkboxes" field and tick "Show other option" in field options section. Now under last radio button or checkbox additional value ("Other") will appear and text box for free-text answer.

In order to avoid situations when users tick "Other" answer but do not submit any value in text box or write text in text box but do not tick "Other", we have implemented automatic validation - if user tick "Other" option he will be automatically redirected to text box and vice versa - if user do not tick "Other" checkbox but write in text field, radio button or checkbox will be ticked automatically. That means that if you have specified this field as required, user will not be able to submit the form unless "Other" value is entered.

A gift in New Year - Likert field(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Year 2009 we have started with significant update of our service - we have introduced Likert field. Likert field is widely used in surveys to measure satisfaction, agreement and importance of statements.

The format of a typical five-level Likert item is: 1. Strongly disagree; 2. Disagree; 3. Neither agree nor disagree 4. Agree; 5. Strongly Agree. Sometimes 7-level or 10-level scales also are used.

Compared to other form builders and survey tools that also have Likert field, Likert field has the following advantages:

  • Possible to allow users to select more than one answer to the statement
  • Unlimited statements (rows) and columns
  • Possible to show / hide numbers under answers
  • Possible to include column N/A (Not Applicable)
  • Possible to set Likert field as required

Added new functionality - statistics module and star-rating field(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Sunday, December 14, 2008


Starting from today users can find out exactly how many people have viewed or filled-in particular form. Users can see this data on chart or in numbers and it is also possible to choose between several time periods (day, week, month, year).

This feature will be available to Small Biz and Enterprise account plans.

We have also added star rating field. It can be used in every situation when is neccessery to rate something. For example - when neccessary to rank things like movies or restaurants.

Translation service launched(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Sunday, November 23, 2008


The idea of Vizzualforms at the very beginning was to provide the Service in as many languages as possible. Today we have come a little bit closer to this goal - we have just launched Translation service.

Translations service is a volunteer-based service. That means that all registered users that are fluent in both English and another language can contribute to translate the Service into one of the world languages (currently possible to translate in more than 180 world languages)

Texts for translation are separated into the following groups: Essentials (contains all texts that are necessary in order to submit a form in that language, for example, error messages, "Submit" button.); Interface (contains all application button texts, field labels etc.);Translation service (contains all texts regarding the Translation service). As the texts are separated into groups everyone who want to contribute can choose which texts he would like to translate.

For each language user can see how many percent of all available texts are already translated in that language. Each user can see texts submitted by himself and also update his translation as well as to propose changes in translations submitted by others

How to switch to the language in which I have just translated texts? When most of the texts in that particular language are translated we add this language to the system languages and all users can set to see the Service in that language from front page or - for application - pressing on Settings tab.

Translation service is designed keeping in mind that it should be very simple to use for translators. That means that also you can contribute!

Designing Translation service we inspired by Google and Remember The Milk translation services.

Additional languages and new features(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recently we have updated our site with the following features:

Additional languages

Forms now can be created and delivered not only in English and Latvian but also in Russian, Estonian, French, German and Croatian. And I can reveal a business secret - currently we are working to get ready on-line translation tool that will make the translation process as easy as possible.

Form printing

Now forms can be printed out. Forms created in web environment before printing are optimised as a result making them more appealing and functional. For example, all drop-down menu answers are converted to radio buttons. This feature you can find clicking on "Form Actions" button.

One submission per invitation

If previously we had a possibility that users can specify if they want that the form is submitted only once from the same IP address than now we have added also possibility to specify that every invited person can submit the form only once. That means that now also companies that use the same IP address for several computers can be sure that the data they collect are valid. Survey and HTML Form Builder. Create Online Questionnaires for FREE!